give me a reason to be unafraid

I gathered all of the courage left in me,

I went to a place where I thought I might…

Find you, meet you hoping to keep you. 

The fact that I haven’t made a trip like this in awhile, 

made me check the map for warning signs. 

The last time I came back barely alive,

Found it, met it but lost it. 

So I secreted myself in the cave,

Where I found comforts in the mushrooms around me. 

On the way there,

I encountered a witch.

She watched me searched,

She felt my determination and understood my pursue. 

She said: I don’t know what you’re looking for, but this thing has attracted a beautiful creature such as yourself. It must be a rare treasure.

She casted a spell and left before I could respond. 

With the blessing I moved forward. 

After lots of breaks and doubts,

I think I’m looking at it. 

I thought it’d feel much more unfamiliar. 

It looked ordinary,

But in my eyes its priceless yet modest. 

I used to scream on the top of the mountains and my lungs

Wanting the whole world to know what I’ve found.

But this time… 

This time I went to a frog by the river 

Told it everything. All of them. 

Then I chose to leave it where I found it. 

I wasn’t scared to lose it again,

I was scared to break it. 


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