So, there’s this kind of washing liquid i’ve been religiously using for three years.

Why? You asked.

It smelled like someone whom I played a game with.

This game, it was long and dreadful. No one came out a winner.

At first, we thought if our clothes smelled the same, we’d be teammates.

Guess it wasn’t true.

We started fighting the same war as two weak individuals.

Innocently believing we have a winning chance.

When messy hand of cards was the only thing left.

One decided to start new.

The other one stayed.

“From now on, we play different games.”

Our clothes stayed the same scent until I saw someone without a scent for me to fantasise.

I sticked my head in the washing machine to say goodbye.

Today, I washed my laundry with the scent I chose when I was 17.

I sat on the sofa. I indulged myself in the nostalgic stimulates.

I never wanted the game.

I’m not good at any of it.


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