So, there’s this kind of washing liquid i’ve been religiously using for three years. Why? You asked. It smelled like someone whom I played a game with. This game, it was long and dreadful. No one came out a winner. At first, we thought if our clothes smelled the same, we’d be teammates. Guess it […]

give me a reason to be unafraid

I gathered all of the courage left in me, I went to a place where I thought I might… Find you, meet you hoping to keep you.  The fact that I haven’t made a trip like this in awhile,  made me check the map for warning signs.  The last time I came back barely alive, […]

14. Nov

One more day passed in fatigue Still blushing over the way you laid The way you talked The way you thought The way you looked out the window Wondering what you were pondering… I guess it’s the intimacies that escaped your bedroom When you were travelling back home Came through my screen Camped in my […]

Lucky me

How was i so in love? Was it the music or the 5am sky Or maybe it was the scent from your neck to my pillow? Could also be the velvet whispers in my ear, the lips that touched the nose or the fingers dancing. But it really should be a random walk on a […]

24 th August 2020

Walking home I saw the stars above me Weirdly it reminded me of you I thought What wonders! How great if i could share this moment. Then I cherished that for ten minutes. Still. Companied by the autumn wind. And a grand dream. In a city that i wish to call home. In mere seven […]


I lost my creativity in the war with a stranger Don’t even know where’s the lost and found So I followed the map of your softest sound Finding that I’ve always been in the background of your playground. Facedown in-front of love Yowling in-front our empty grave Like a Victorian. Holding a book where I […]

13 June 2020 same day completely different

It’s true new love does come along. But the memories and comparisons doesn’t stop Where do you expect me to find another you? I miss you Why did we miss each other Why is it not you and I. I just can’t put my mind at ease. You use to say you’ll never get out […]

13 of June 2020

I consider myself as a lucky one No matter how dark nights get The Sun will always find me I won’t deny the heartbreaks I still cherish all of them I guess sometimes it’s not a bad idea to omit being the stupid one But hey if wildflowers can bloom in the winter why can’t […]

Good morning

Good morning I’m yawning having a perfect cup of coffee. Reminiscing the dream I just had What an adventure! Lighting café scented candle Wearing french styled summer dress Listening to some Spandau Ballet Enjoying sunlight that sneaked in my windows Can’t really remember what the dream was really about must be a good one to […]

10th of may

It was one of those nights when I felt completely aloneThen I heard a distant voiceSo familiar yet unknownIn which I found so much comfort in In a time that is so strangeEveryone is out of their mindIt is the most thrilling thing to connect with wordsIsn’t it the most fascinating thing you can find […]