14. Nov

One more day passed in fatigue

Still blushing over the way you laid

The way you talked

The way you thought

The way you looked out the window

Wondering what you were pondering…

I guess it’s the intimacies that escaped your bedroom

When you were travelling back home

Came through my screen

Camped in my heart

Tickled my eyes

Triggered my tears

The cardigans gave warmth to my cold cold room

The winter sun wouldn’t dare to compare

Maybe we can go for a walk

Talk about fears and authority

Then get a cup of coffee

Drink it before it loses its warmth to the wind

Probably we’ll laugh about the hiccups after fast drinking

A night with old movies could be nice

But Id rather just read, write or paint

whilst the inspiration of heartbeats are still around.

Of course you are welcome to join.

What a dangerous place to be

You make me want to write


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