Staying at home

I made a table for myself to follow at the beginning of April, it really helped me held it together. im laughing at how sad i section needs advicesocial distancing made me a healthier person,i’ve never connected with Don Quixote this much.there’re so much to write when you don’t talk to people.appreciating all the […]


Couple of weeks later

There are songs to remind you of a certain lost pastLooking back it was all a blastShould’ve had it glassedBecause all of it nowAll of it has been surpassed. Among all the sadness and angerWhat stood out was disappointmentsLike an anchorYour name clangored my dreams Enchanter,Why are you so scared?Who are you comparing?What made you […]

5th Apr

To be completely honest I’m really not good at this. Writing something to prove to the world that I am over something that I’m clearly not. I’m the best at confessing how much I love someone. I’m the best example of just how vulnerable we can be in love and how pathetic we look. But […]

2nd of apr 2020

the stories always started with a sparkle  either from her eyes or the sound of her laugh  it was always a heart of a child, searching for its master, owned by a demon. waiting for the love that was longed for. countless stars wished upon, countless candle lights blown out, but none seems fit, it […]

If I ever lose my memories

I’ve been writing a list for myself if I ever lose my memories.It might happen so easily just like how I make my way through groceries.Don’t know when I’ll get to read it.Maybe on every moonlit anniversaries.To remind me of everything I held closest to my heart.Anyone of you might just take part. I wonder […]


I guess the saddest part is we don’t really have that much memories for me to reminisce. I even feel stupid to say I love you. Do you think there’s ever a chance for us ? If we just spend a little more time together. Because it’s driving me crazy. Since the first moment you […]


It’s one of those mornings when she woke up and the disappointment wasn’t too overpowering. She thinks about all the life lessons that grampa told her. But amongst all of it, she picked out this one that morning. “Sometimes when you let things slip away they never come back again. Don’t let that happen so […]

Night three. Zeal.

Bitter orange and white musk scented. Early winter night. B&H Taxi sponsored. Alcoholic. Film delayed. Music uncared for. Minds dazed. Souls lost. Determinations were aligned with the endless night drive. Surroundings were muted when eyes found the other pair. Kisses were given in a thankful manner. Fingers were running, holding and recording. My world was […]

Night two. Spooky.

Linseed and pigments scented. Mid-autumn night. No sponsor. Gin over-drank by one. Random film forgotten. Appropriate music listened. Smells reoccurred. Souls reunited. Green lights were aligned in the busy town. Heartbeats were skipped in the second eyes met. Kisses were given in a desperate manner. Fingers were intertwined in the darkness. My brain experienced malfunction. […]

Night one. Enchantment.

Neroli and Orchidée scented. Late spring night. Oreo sponsored. Whiskey and tequila prepared. Best film paused. Appropriate music listened. Minds exchanged. Souls adored. Stars were aligned in my eternal purple sky. Tears were accumulated in my eye sockets. Kisses were given in the sweetest manner. Fingers were electrocuted in every touching moment. My heart was […]